Solar Power Incentives

Solar Power Incentives

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Why Should I Install Solar Panels?

Having solar panels installed on your home has many advantages. Generate your own FREE electricity, offset your ever-growing energy bills and even it can add value to your home.

With the world trying to lower carbon emissions, there have been amazing incentives put forward to help lower the cost of solar panel installation for homeowners.

Currently, there is a VAT incentive meaning you pay 0% VAT on solar panels or the installation of solar panels. This incentive won’t be here forever so contact us today for a free no-obligation quote today. 

What are the Benefits of Solar PV?

How Can I Make The Most of Solar Panels?

Battery Storage

Get the most out of your newly installed solar panels by using a solar battery storage system. By using a battery storage system, you will decrease your dependence on the national grid, reducing your rising energy bills even further.

Using Appliances During the Day

Making sure you are using your home appliances during the day will help you maximise the free energy you are producing, helping reduce your energy bills costs even more by using the electric you generate during the daytime.

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

If you’re thinking of getting solar panels installed the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) means you can earn money by exporting the electricity produced on your roof back to the national grid. You get paid for every unit of electricity you export back. 

Why Homeowners Are Switching To Solar Panels

You can cut your annual energy costs up to 70% if you install solar panels on your roof. As energy prices continue to climb, these savings will increase. You’ll also be lowering your dependence on large energy suppliers while decreasing your ecological impact.

Now is the ideal moment to switch to solar power since it is more cost-effective than ever. Join the tens of thousands of residents who have installed solar panels to guarantee a future powered by cleaner energy. See if your home is compatible with solar by using Norfolk’s number one trusted solar panel installer.

The Criteria For Solar Panels

To get the most out of your solar panel installation and to reduce your electricity bill expenses, you’ll want to maximise the efficiency of your solar panels. Location, angling, direction, roof compatibility, solar panel system size, and proper maintenance are all important considerations.

UK Homeowner / Owner of Property

In order to install Solar Panels, you have to be the owner of the property that they are being installed on.

Suitable Roof Space

The size of the roof has to be appropriate for the number of panels required to produce energy. The material of the roof also has to be suitable to withhold the weight of the solar panels.

Non-shaded area

Solar Panels will perform at maximum potential when they are on a roof which is south-facing and gets direct sunshine.

Solar Panel Installation Experts

Reduced Heating Bills

We recognise that your solar demands are not one-size-fits-all, therefore, you will receive a system customised to your specifications.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Implementing energy-efficient improvements, and getting a better energy performance certificate (EPC) rating can boost the value of your home by up to 14%.

Earn Money With Your Unused Energy

You can sell excess electricity generated by your solar panels with the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) through your power supplier.

Low Maintenance

Because solar panels have no moving parts, they require little to no maintenance.

Beneficial for the environment

The major way solar energy benefits the environment is by reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases because it is mostly dependent on the sun.

Useable All Year Round

Most people think you can only use solar panels when it is sunny, however, they require daylight instead of sunlight - meaning you can generate energy all year round without any issues.

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